How to Do the Daily Maintenance of Permeable Concrete Block Machine

     At present, no matter whether it is the road or real estate, all need to use concrete blocks. And when it comes to blocks, we have to mention the block machine in the market. And permeable concrete block machine is one of the commonly used equipment, the operation is not difficult and block factory workers after appropriate training can start to operate.


     When there is a problem with the operation of the block machine, a skilled operator can immediately identify where the fault is caused, and then can repair and maintain themselves. In order to prevent permeable block machine malfunction and stop production, off-duty shutdown should focus on routine maintenance. Here are suggestions for the maintenance of the permeable block machine following:

1. Daily cleaning work
     As the block machine operates by vibrating powdered cement or other raw materials into blocks under pressure, it often encounters pollution from cement dust. When the cement dust into the permeable block machine on the main transmission and heat dissipation components, it will cause the machine to run abnormally. The accumulation of dust is also a potential safety hazard for these critical block components. So it is necessary for the block factory to designate operators to regularly clean and maintain the permeable block machine, remove the parts that need maintenance, and subsequently wipe them with mechanical maintenance supplies. The dead corner of the block-making machine can be cleaned with soft brushes.

2. Timely inspection and maintenance
     When the permeable block machine production is used after a certain time, block machine equipment performance in all aspects will be somewhat reduced. Encounter such a problem, the block factory needs to use appropriate lift measures to let the block-making machine perform back to its original level. This will need to adjust the block machine running speed, the machine in a long time with a fixed gear after running due to the transmission efficiency being reduced causing the speed to slow down. Then the operators should properly accelerate the machine speed, so as to ensure that the mechanical equipment running performance has improved.


3. Regularly add lubricating oil
     Some of the sliders and gears of the permeable brick machine will slowly consume the lubricant on the equipment after a long time of use. This will make the machine runs less efficiently, coupled with the lack of proper maintenance, resulting in a running speed that eventually fails to meet the parameter standards. In order to enhance the speed, the maintainer should give the block machine production line slider and gears lubricating oil regularly, reducing transmission friction resistance. 

     Do normal repair and maintenance, the daily production of the block factory and normal service can be ensured. On the other hand, the correct daily maintenance also can reduce the probability of mechanical failure. Meanwhile, this is also the block-making machine manufacturers to prevent hidden dangers, which can avoid a lot of mechanical failure maintenance and reduce the cost of maintenance of permeable block machines.


Post time: Jul-20-2022