QGM New ZN1200C Fully Automatic Block Plant to Mexico- Helping Local Reconstruction After Mexico Earthquake

     On September 22, one ZN1200C fully automatic concrete block-making plant made by QGM headquarter workshop was shipped to Mexico, starting from the Xiamen Port, China.

     The client belongs to a famous enterprise in the North Mexico industry. already had one concrete block machine for many years, including one concrete block machinery with curing rack from America. With years of experience in concrete block business, this client do form a professional sense and a higher quality demand on the block making machine. Since the client’s business map is expanding day by day, demanding for a block production line with higher automation is more and more important. Considering the language commonality, this client set his sight on the Spain market firstly, even a long-time survey had been done but they were not managed to find any suitable block machine manufacturers.

ZN1200C Block Machine Layout_副本

     By coincidence, this client learned about QGM when he was visiting plants of other block machine suppliers. Meanwhile, he noticed that QGM machines can be found in many Mexico cities with good conditions. What surprised the client more was the multilingual system from QGM machines. With running so many years, a language barrier in the translation system almost has been removed. When the client turned to QGM, professional personnel proposed many machine models and relevant machine configurations for reference. After a long-time discussion and comparison, the client finally chose this ZN1200C fully automatic concrete block making plant, which is designed in Germany and made in China QGM with a Spanish control system.


     Compared with QGM's ZN1000C model, which was popular in the Mexican market before, this ZN1200C has a bigger production area with a 1350×900mm pallet size. To make the ZN1200C be more perfect, it adopts 4 frequency motors (5.5 KW each) and 2 upper vibration motors, maximum vibration force comes to 120KN. Based on customer needs, quick mold change and servo motor vibration in 4 shafts also can be realized for ZN1200C, which is deeply loved by customers from South America and Russian-speaking markets.

     At the same time, after the plant is shipped and the foundation is completed, QGM service engineer will also go directly to the customer's site from the Caribbean region, so as to guide the installation work and help the customer put into production as soon as possible. Meanwhile, We hoped that QGM block machines would help the reconstruction of those areas that have just suffered from the earthquake, and make every city and village in Mexico beautiful again.

Post time: Sep-28-2022