Solid Waste Utilization丨2023 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Areas High-Level Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Solid Waste Held, Deputy General Manager Fu Guohua was invited to attend and speak.

     Focus on the goal of “double carbon” and accelerate the green development of solid waste comprehensive utilization industry. From February 24th to February 26th, the “Comprehensive Utilization of Resources Branch of China Industrial Cooperation Association, Industrial Solid Waste Network, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Tailings Comprehensive Utilization Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance, etc., co-organized by Fujian Quangong Co., Ltd.” The Sixth High-Level Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Solid Waste in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Areas was successfully held in Beijing.


     The purpose of this forum is to focus on the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and strive to solve the common problems of comprehensive utilization of solid waste, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste, and better promote the harmless disposal and resource utilization of solid waste.


     The opening ceremony of this forum was presided over by Du Genjie, the founder of Industrial Solid Waste Network and the secretary-general of the Resource Comprehensive Utilization Branch of the China Industrial Cooperation Association. Formulate a feasibility investment analysis report; consider the whole process from disposal costs to economic benefits of resource utilization, superimposed environmental protection and resource benefits; formulate measures according to local conditions and because of the large market demand for comprehensive utilization products; The resource utilization and energy utilization of calorific value solid waste are two high-efficiency; large-scale groups should make use of the actual needs of the upstream industrial chain and the extension of the comprehensive utilization industrial chain to provide support.

 Fu Guohua, deputy general manager of Quangong Co., Ltd

     As a leading enterprise in China brick machine industry, Fu Guohua, deputy general manager of Quangong Co., Ltd., brought the theme report of “[Solid Waste Brick Making] Green Intelligent Equipment, Building a Beautiful City”. Combining the experience of brick making with the future development trend of comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, starting from increasing the added value of products, comprehensively utilizing raw materials such as construction waste, industrial solid waste, tailings solid waste, etc., fully automatic and intelligent production: permeable bricks, road curbs, imitation various products such as  PC stone bricks, bricks, etc., help customers and enterprises solve the reality of solid waste storage, occupying a large amount of storage space, and dirty environment, and truly realize high-quality and high-value comprehensive utilization of solid waste by “turning waste into treasure” The successful model cases provided participants with a different “QGM Program” in the comprehensive utilization of solid waste.

2023 National Bulk Solid Waste Recycling Utilization Technology/Equipment Exhibition

     At the 2023 National Bulk Solid Waste Recycling Utilization Technology/Equipment Exhibition held at the same time, the booth of Quangong Co., Ltd. also became the focus of attention of the audience, and new and old customers of Quangong came to consult and exchange. Our ZN1500C fully automatic concrete brick making machine is very popular.

ZN1500C block machine

     ZN1500C block machine is produced in China in strict accordance with German production technology and craftsmanship. Compared with other China brick forming machines, ZN1500C machine has more stable motion performance, higher brick-making efficiency, and lower failure rate. Performance, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., are far ahead of similar domestic products.

QGM Group

     In the future,QGM will continue to uphold the concept of green development, continue to innovate independently, forge ahead, further strengthen the research and exploration of solid waste comprehensive utilization technology, provide customers with more advanced and practical products, and contribute to the society “QGM Force”.


Post time: Mar-16-2023