Why choose us?

We are a young and active thinking team. Relying on the most advanced technical advantages from Germany, we can design according to the specific requirements of customers, and also provide intergrated solution for block making for our customers.

What is the strength of the cement bricks that QGM machines could make?

The strength of concrete blocks is related to the properties and ratio of the raw material, the strength of cement, the vibration force, the operation of the concrete block making machine, the regular maintenance of the complete production line etc. The QGM technical engineer would test the machine with the raw materials customer provides on site to make the premium concrete blocks then train the customer's operator. With the proper raw materials and recipe, accurate operation, stored formula in Siemens control system, regular maintenance of the block machine, the QGM block machine should be able to make satisfactory concrete blocks.

How about your product quality?

We are a company with good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, we must maintain high quality products to reduce the cost of after-sales service.

For the concrete block machines from QGM ZENITH, how do you do the installation, commission and after sales service?

After the arrival of the block machine on site, QGM will appoint technical engineers to support with the installation, commissioning of cement block production as well as the operator training and test. For after-sales service, QGM has set up overseas offices in different areas for future support, including Algeria, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Vietnam etc.

What does the number 6, 10, 900, 1000 mean in the QGM block machine?

Take block machine QT6 as an example, 6 means the brick machine could make 6 pieces of hollow blocks at the size of 390*190*190mm. The same goes with QT10. For the ZN900C, ZN1000C, these two concrete block machines are updated with Germany Zenith design after 2014. ZN900C and ZN1000C respectively makes 9 and 10 pieces of the same cement blocks mentioned above.