Good News丨Fu Binghuang, Chairman of QuanGong Machinery Co. Ltd , was appointed as “Quanzhou Excellent Products” Promotion Ambassador.

     In the afternoon of June 15, with the opportunity of the first “Ocean Silk” Overseas Chinese Business Investment and Trade Conference, when the global sages gathered, Quanzhou City held a special matchmaking activity for superior products to the sea. The event was hosted by Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government, supported by Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, and organized by Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.


     This special matchmaking activity of excellent products to the sea has the deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, Chen Jing, vice mayor of Quanzhou City People’s Government, Wang Zhihong, deputy to the National People’s Congress, Justice of the Peace, the 11th National Federation of Industry and Commerce Executive Committee member Cai Yi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Hong Kong Jinjiang Association General Association, Su Qingdong and other relevant responsible persons, as well as industry associations, business representatives, news media and other more than 350 people to participate in the activity. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Quan Gong Co., Ltd.) Chairman, Fu Binghuang, President of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association, was invited to participate.

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     Quanzhou’s good products can’t go abroad without the 30 million “Quanzhou people” at home and abroad who “dare to be the first, love to work hard and will win”. In order to better promote and display Quanzhou’s good products and enhance the influence and appeal of Quanzhou’s good products overseas, 63 ambassadors of “Quanzhou’s good products” were hired at home and abroad, and Mr. Fu Binghuang, the chairman of our company and the president of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association, was listed among them.

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     Fu Binghuang, chairman of the Quanzhou Industry Association and president of the Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association, said that he was appointed as an ambassador for the promotion of “Quanzhou’s best products” is an honor and responsibility, he will be based on the Quanzhou machinery and equipment industry, and actively promote the “Quanzhou equipment wisdom” products to global businessmen, playing the “Quanzhou equipment wisdom” brand.

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     As a leader in the domestic brick machine industry, QGM has been committed to promoting economic and trade cooperation between Quanzhou and overseas countries and regions. 2014, QGM wholly acquired German ZENITH company, based on the integration of German advanced technology, actively innovate, research and development to form its own core technology, at the same time, QGM will also play its own advantages, and constantly promote Quanzhou’s excellent products to overseas businessmen, and promote Quanzhou The special industrial products will go out of the country.

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Post time: Jul-30-2023