QGM ZN900CG, First China brick machine enters North American market, Creating a new era for China brick machine industry

     In February 2023, QGM received an inquiry from a Canadian customer about QGM’s high configuration paver brick machine. The customer said that the high configuration and excellent vibration technology of ZN900CG brick machine has excellent manufacturing results in the production of multi-color bricks, which is popular and commonly used in the Canada local market.

QGM ZN900CG with 4 servo bottom vibration motors

     ZN900CG brick making machine is matched with 4 servo bottom vibration motors and 2 Italian Ollie Wolong top vibration motors, meanwhile, it is matched with devices such as quick mold changing system, hydraulic cylinder mold pushing device, automatic airbag mold clamping etc. The top tamper head is controlled by pneumatic, which is able to change a mold within 10-15 minutes.

QGM quick mold changing system

     As everyone knows, European and American markets have very strict testing requirements for imported goods, especially in terms of safety. Therefore, customers first need to confirm that QGM brick machine can successfully pass the Canadian CSA certification. In the North American international market, this certification has the same gold content as the American UL certification and can be used universally.

Canadian Standards Association

     CSA is the acronym of Canadian Standards Association. Founded in 1919, it is Canada’s first non-profit organization dedicated to setting industrial standards. Machinery, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, gas and other products sold in the North American market need to obtain safety certification. CSA is the largest safety certification body in Canada and one of the most famous safety certification bodies in the world. It can provide safety certification for all types of products in machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, environmental protection, medical fire safety, sports and entertainment.

     Before the completion of equipment production, through the joint efforts of QGM and the domestic authoritative CSA certification organization, especially in terms of design requirements and accessories selection, coupled with the guidance of professionals and the concerted efforts of all departments of QGM , completed the initial review in early June, and completed the final review at the end of June, passed the review and obtained the CSA certification label. This time, QGM successfully passed the CSA certification, and the rigorous work style and professional attitude displayed by QGM during the exchange and cooperation process also greatly enhanced the confidence of customers in this investment in the brick industry.

QGM ZN900CG machine

     At present, ZN900CG has completed commissioning and will be sent to Canada soon. QGM will send professional technician to the customer’s factory to install and commission the equipment, so as to promote QGM brick machine to take root and flourish in Canada.


     In the next step, QGM will continue to uphold its original aspirations, dedicated to becoming a “Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization System Solution Service Provider” with service and quality, continue to increase the layout of high-end intelligent equipment, and strive to create advantages in automation and intelligent manufacturing. To become the leader in the global paver brick machine industry and create greater value for customers.


Post time: Aug-03-2023