Hand in hand for a better future, QGM strongly help Russia’s infrastructure construction

   This year marks the 10th anniversary of China President Xi Jinping’s first proposed joint construction of the “Belt and Road initiative”. over the past decade, China has worked with relevant parties, adhered to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, deepened mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, and achieved practical and great construction achievements.


    At present, the prospects for world economic recovery continue to be downturn, the role of the “Belt and Road Initiative” in promoting economic growth in relevant countries and regions and promoting global common development is even more important. Russia, as an important country along the “Belt and Road”, more and more companies are going to Russia to explore new areas of cooperation, create new growth points for cooperation, and continuously inject new impetus into the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia.

ready for shipment

   Recently, QGM ZN900CG fully automatic block making machine production line was shipped to Russia. As the local large concrete mixing factory and precast factory, the customer is specialized in producing high-quality commercial concrete, concrete hollow blocks and other precast components.

with our client

   The relationship between QGM and the customer began at Germany Bauma in 2019. The sales manager still remembered that he talked with the customer for a long time and the customer fully affirmed the intelligent, versatile, high-efficiency, high-stability of QGM block machine and the high-quality service experience from QGM group. Over the past few years, QGM has maintained communication with the customer. After comprehensive comparison and consideration of China and other block making machine suppliers, the customer finally chose QGM ZN900CG fully automatic block production line. QGM can not only provides high quality with the best price, but also give the customer reliable aftersales warranty.

ZN 900CG Block Machine

   QGM ZN900CG automatic block making machine adopts advanced German automation control technology and intelligent interactive system visual operation to realize man-machine dialogue and make block machine operation easier; while saving labor costs, it has product formula management and operation data collection function to maximize the convenience of customers production.

   QGM ZN900CG fully automatic block making machine can comprehensively and effectively utilize various industrial waste residues such as construction waste, iron ore waste residue, slag, tailings, etc., and mass-produce standard bricks, grass planting bricks, sponge city permeable bricks and other bricks after changing the mold. These characteristics of short forming cycle, high density of blocks, and high production efficiency are in line with the development direction of the national environmental protection industry adjustment and revitalization plan.

block sample

   The continuous acquisition of ZNC series block machine orders fully demonstrates the trust of foreign customers in the technical strength and equipment quality of QGM. In the future, QGM will continue to focus on technological innovation, continue to make efforts in the depth of the concrete block making machine industry, and provide more high-quality and more affordable green intelligent product for our customers.


Post time: Mar-30-2023