How to Deal with the Pockmark on the Top Layer of Block

     During block machine production, how to deal with the pock? Recommended by the industry, the causes of the failure can be specifically referred to the following content:


1.The cause of the failure: Insufficient depth of pre-pressure for top layer
Solution: lengthen the block machine pre-pressure (pre-vibration) time for face-mix, increase the depth of face-mix filling space. (If there is a proximity switch for face-mix filling space, turn the proximity switch down.) If increasing the pre-pressure time doesn’t work, reduce the base material by reducing the feeding time or reduce the pre-vibration time.

2.The cause of the failure: block machine feeding time is too long. When base-mix feeding car is full, the redundant base-mix will overflow from the gap between feeding car bottom board and the surface of the mould box, resulting in too much residual material on the surface of the mold box.
Solution: shorten the feeding time of base-mix

3.The cause of the failure: the gap between base-mix feeding car bottom board and the surface of the mould box is too large, therefore, the residual material will be left on the surface of the mould box when feeding car is return.
1)check the pallet (when the pallet thickness is not uniform, it will make the gap between the bottom board of the base-mix feeding car and the surface of mould box big and small, leaving residual material.);
2)adjust the height and level of the feeding car guide, make the working table under the feeding car horizontal with the surface of the mold box;
3)repair the bottom wear strip of the feeding car or the surface of the mold box when they are worn out;
4)without affecting the production, try to increase the humidity of the base-mix in the mixing process, which can reduce the residual material on the mould box.

Post time: Apr-21-2022