New Germany Zenith 913SC Brick Machine in Pakistan (2022)


     The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located in South Asia with tropical climate in its south area and a subtropical climate for the rest areas. Affected by the monsoon, the southern part is hot and humid while the northern part can be dry and cold.

     Therefore, Zenith 913SC brick making machine is exactly suitable for the climate there. Zenith 913SC is a mobile laying brick machine, has the advantages of mobile and pallet free production on the cement pad directly. Same as our 913SC in Middle East countries, there is no need to build the roof for its production and brick curing areas which can save a slum of cost for our Pakistan clients.


     Moreover, the solid and hollow bricks are the common for the house building, and Zenith 913SC brick-laying machine is good at producing them with a large capacity. Taking 390*140*190 mm hollow blocks as an example, Zenith 913SC can produce 16 pieces / mold and around 18,000 pieces / shift; for 12*4*8 inches solid bricks, it can produce 30 pieces / mold and approximate 30,000 /shift.

     As the covid-19 in Pakistan is almost back to the normal, there are many of communities’ projects under building now. And Zenith 913SC is the popular brick machine model by customers. There are more than 7,000 sets of Zenith brick making machines working around the world.


Post time: Sep-15-2022