QGM Digital MES Management System Helps Speed Up Mold Production to 15 Days

     QGM Mold Co., Ltd, formerly known as QGM Mold Department, has been providing mold services to global customers since its establishment in 1979.

QGM Office Building in China

     QGM Mold introduced and integrated ZENITH’s decades of manufacturing advanced technology to provide customization, design and production of concrete block molds for the global market, meeting the different needs of domestic and overseas clients for concrete block molds.

QGM Mould Workshop

     In 2021, with the help of QGM’s information technology team and lean management team, QGM Mold began to research and promote information technology and digitalization in the mold production process. In early 2022, the mold manufacturing MES system was put into production management.

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     The MES system mainly includes eight sections: report analysis, inspection management, production management, planning management, purchasing management, inventory management, process management and equipment management. It can evaluate the processing time of each work sequence based on the previous processing time that was needed for the same type of product when an order is placed, and finally predict the expected delivery time of the order.

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     During the actual mold production, the time of each process will be automatically recorded and monitored. When the process of the mold production is not completed according to the time expected by the MES system, the system will issue an early warning to remind the production management personnel that the production time is deviating from the calculated time and needs to be handled, so as to improve the communication between each process to prevent the order from being overdue. With the help of the MES system, the average production cycle time of QGM Mold can be controlled to about 15 days.

     Such a problem was encountered by a client of QGM Mold in Anyang, Henan Province, China, who had two ZN1200S block molding machines made by QGM for processing scrap from a steel plant. In July 22, the client received a request to produce a special batch of products urgently and had to deliver the first batch within 15 days. In order to solve the client’s problem, QGM Mold arranged the production plan in the shortest time through its own MES production management system, and at the same time shortened the basic processing cycle by 30% by using the efficient processing equipment developed by the company. The production of the mold was completed in only 7 days. On the 8th day of the order, it was delivered to the client. Finally, the client was able to finish the delivery on time and he complemented us for the quick support.

QGM ZN1200S Fully Automatic Line in China_副本

     QGM has always put client’s needs first for decades, adhering to the value of serving clients with undivided attention and insisting on serving every client in the best manner.

Post time: Mar-09-2023