Quangong Co., Ltd. was selected into the 2022 Green Manufacturing List by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

     A green factory refers to a factory that has achieved intensive land use, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste recycling, and low-carbon energy. The green factory is the production unit of the manufacturing industry, the main body of the implementation of green manufacturing, and the core support unit of the green manufacturing system, focusing on the greening of the production process.


     QGM was selected into China 2022 Green Manufacturing List by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

     Recently, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement on the 2022 Green Manufacturing List, and QGM was honored to be included in the 2022 Green Factory List.


     In order to accelerate the application of energy-saving and environmental protection measures, Quangong Co., Ltd. drives green development with technological innovation, integrates the “double carbon” action into the transformation and upgrading of the industry, gathers and supplements chains, and accelerates the pace of green and low-carbon transformation and reform of enterprises; Quangong Co., Ltd. On October 28, 2021, the “Notice on the Establishment of the Green Factory Leading Group and the Green Factory Management Office” was issued, specifying the members of the green factory leading group and the office. and the general manager of the company as the person responsible for the Green Factory Leading Group, who is overall responsible for the creation of the Green Factory. The members of the Green Factory Implementation Office have continuously implemented green production related measures based on the company’s green development strategy and goals, and have achieved phased results.

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     As a leading enterprise in the China environmental protection concrete block machinery industry, Quangong Co., Ltd. has set an industry benchmark for the block machine industry by adhering to the road of ecological priority and green development. In view of the current problems faced by the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, it focuses on the research and development of solid waste Processing equipment, on the basis of integrating German Zenith advanced technology, actively innovates, develops and develops its own core technology. QGM is in the leading position in the block machine industry no matter in terms of market share, or in terms of enterprise innovation and management.

     Next, QGM will uphold its original intention, assume due social responsibilities, continue to drive green development with technological innovation, accelerate the realization of carbon peak, carbon neutrality goals and sustainable development, and make due contributions.


Post time: Apr-06-2023