Quangong Lecture Hall丨How to maintain the permeable block machine?

     Welcome to the "Quangong Concrete Block Machine Lecture Hall". This week we introduce the maintenance method of the permeable block machine and some purchase suggestions, hope it will helpful to you.

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Maintenance of permeable block machine (5 key points)

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of block machine moulds
     As the main part of the block-making process, the mould is also the spare part that is easily damaged. The daily use and maintenance of mould are very important. The specific maintenance steps can be as follows:①First clean the grease and waste on the surface of the mould cavity and tamper head, then clean up the residue with compressed air.②Check whether the parts related to the mould are damaged and whether the tamper head connector is loose. If it is loose, fasten the corresponding parts to ensure the safety and reliability of the mould during production;③Check whether the cavity of the mould is in good condition and whether the mould is stretched or deformed, check whether the surface of the tamper head is in good condition, such as whether there are scratches or missing corners on the surface the tamper head. If there is wear, repair the worn parts by welding, grinding and polishing;④Check the pressing and unloading parts, repair and replace the damaged parts; check the guide and wedge mechanism, and repair and replace the worn and cracked parts timely. ⑤When replacing the mould to make different blocks, the used mould should be maintained. After cleaning the impurities on the mould, clean the mould tamper head and frame, and spray anti-rust oil after drying. After clamping the tamper head and the frame place the mould on the mould frame.

2. Control the maintenance cycle of blocks
     During the curing process of blocks, the maintenance period cannot be shortened without permission for sale. Because in this case, the blocks have not been fully cured, their hardness and compressive strength are far from the requirements, and there is a high possibility of an engineering accident in the process of use. Unless steam curing is adopted, the curing time should not be shortened.

3. Before making blocks, adjust the oil temperature of the machine precisely
     Before making blocks, you are supposed to first confirm whether the hydraulic oil temperature is within the optimal working oil temperature range. If it is lower than the optimal oil temperature, the hydraulic system should be turned on for preheating before the official production. Production can only be carried out when the hydraulic oil temperature reaches the optimum working temperature range. When the block machine starts to work, it is necessary to turn on the circulating water pump to cool the oil temperature (the optimum working temperature of 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil is 40°C, and the optimum working temperature of 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil is 50°C)And the normal working oil temperature range of hydraulic oil is 35-70℃. If the oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of the oil will be large, the fluidity will be poor, the resistance will be large, and the working efficiency will be low. If the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is too high, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil will decrease, cavitation will occur, and the aging of the oil will be accelerated. As a result, the lubrication between the moving parts of the system will deteriorate, and the wear will increase, causing the hydraulic components to fail or get stuck; at the same time, the sealing ring will be accelerated to age and lose its elasticity, which will cause the system to leak oil, and will cause the system to shut down in serious cases.

4. Clean and maintain equipment on time
     After the block machine stops running every day, the concrete and dirt on the machine's feeding car, mold, storage hopper, and belt conveyor should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and ensure that the block machine equipment can operate normally the next day. After shutting down the machine, carefully check the key parts of the block machine, such as the bearings and connecting bolts of key components such as the upper and lower sliders, vibrating table, and feeding car, add lubricating grease to all moving parts, and re-tighten the connecting bolts. After the production is stopped every day, the mixer should be cleaned to prevent cement agglomeration inside the mixer and ensure smooth production the next day.

5. The fault inspection of each component should be fully in place
     Most block making machines operate in harsh environments such as sand, gravel, rain, wind, and snow, so the performance of the machine must decline faster than other machines, and the matching parts between the parts are prone to various degrees of loosening, wear, corrosion, and scaling, etc. As a result, the kinematic characteristics of each component, the relationship between the parts, and the coordination of organizational operations will be affected to varying degrees, which will reduce performance indicators such as power, economy, and reliability, and even cause machine failure. So the fault inspection of all parts of the machine should be fully in place.

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Maintenance of permeable block machine (5 key points)

      It is essential to maintain the block machine during its use, but it is more important to choose a suitable block machine. After understanding the maintenance method of the permeable block machine, here is a brief share of the purchase suggestions for the block machine (3 key points):

1. Understand the size of the manufacturer and the services it can provide. For example, whether it has the ability to solve various problems that may occur in the process of the block machine (from installation, and production to follow-up maintenance), and whether the related services are complete.
2. Understand the quality of the block machine, including watching the production process, capacity, and production efficiency of the block machine, and whether it can produce the blocks you need, the strength of the finished blocks and whether the edges are smooth, etc.

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3. Understand the price of the block machine, and choose the machine according to your actual situation. As a leader in the block machine industry and a global block-making integrated solution operator, QGM has various high-quality concrete block-making machines such as Zenith 1500, Zenith 940, ZN900C, etc.

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Post time: Feb-14-2022