The Industrial Solid Waste Network Delegation visited Quangong Co., Ltd. for Inspection and Exchange

     On the morning of August 2, 2023, the delegation of Industrial Solid Waste Network visited Quangong Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as QGM) for inspection and exchange, and Fu Guohua, QGM deputy general manager, received the whole process. Through visiting the exhibition hall of QGM enterprises, symposiums and production workshops, the delegation learned more about the current situation of our company and the development of solid waste comprehensive utilization technology.

The Industrial Solid Waste Network Delegation

     During the visit to the exhibition hall on the first floor, the delegation carefully watched the introduction of QGM development history, and inquired in detail about the specific information of our company’s related production line through the production line model in the exhibition hall, especially praised QGM ZN1500C concrete block production line.

QGM Exhibition Hall

     In the control room of QGM intelligent equipment cloud service platform, the delegation highly praised the intelligent equipment cloud platform developed by QGM under the background of “Industry 4.0″ and “Internet +”, which can comprehensively improve the level of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance services and lead the intelligent manufacturing of domestic block making machines.

QGM intelligent equipment cloud service platform

     Later, in the process of visiting the solid waste comprehensive utilization exhibition area, production workshop and training base, the delegation was particularly impressed by our corporate culture, 6S management and intelligent factory construction. A member of the delegation said, “This factory is good, the 6S of the workshop, the intelligence is so great, see the micro-knowledge, the block machine produced is definitely not bad!”

QGM solid waste comprehensive utilization exhibition area

     In the exhibition area of comprehensive utilization of solid waste, Manager Pan took the automatic concrete block making machine production line model displayed in the exhibition hall as the starting point, and introduced to the delegation in detail that QGM started from improving the added value of products, comprehensively utilizing solid waste and other raw materials, independently developed green intelligent equipment production line, including sponge city permeable bricks, garden landscape bricks, PC paving stone bricks and other various functions and complete categories of high value-added small prefabricated components, which not only solved the circular application of solid waste, but also created good economic benefits for enterprises.

QGM  conference room

     Subsequently, at the symposium held in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the office building, Fu Binghuang, QGM chairman attended the exchange meeting and had in-depth exchanges with the delegation on corporate culture, innovative technology and equipment advantages, comprehensive utilization of solid waste, and ultimate after-sales service.

Fu Binghuang, QGM  chairman

     During the discussion, Chairman Fu Binghuang introduced in detail of the operation status of QGM, the business philosophy adopted in the development, the current situation of comprehensive utilization of solid waste, and future planning.

The Industrial Solid Waste Network Delegation-2

     QGM. always insist the business philosophy of “quality determines value, professionalism creates business”, forming its own core technology through active innovation and research and development, basing itself on the domestic market with excellent product quality and perfect service system, and continues to move forward in the direction of achieving “block making integrated solution operator” with service and quality.

     The delegation highly recognized and agreed with this philosophy, and hoped that in the future, all parties would have the opportunity to cooperate and strengthen exchanges, based on rich solid waste treatment experience, promote the overall progress and development of comprehensive utilization of solid waste, and create more economic and social benefits for the society.

group photo

     After the visit, the two sides took a group photo in the QGM lobby on the first floor.


Post time: Aug-17-2023