Bringing the Best Quality Building Blocks to the World's Youngest Country

Since the outbreak of the virus pandemic in 2019, the global economic situation has not been optimistic. Still, South Sudan, the world's youngest country, is showing strong momentum. Juba, the capital of South Sudan, a town on the Blue Nile River is proclaiming its extraordinary to the world. It hopes to use the best quality QGM ZENITH block machine to build itself into a beautiful, charming and modern city.

1_The beatuiful city-Juba

1 The Beauty City - Juba

Then, a visionary businessman appeared. Mr. Dires Mohammed is a businessman from Ethiopia and saw great potential in Juba's concrete block industry. As an integrated solution supplier for block machine, QGM help him prepare everything, form raw materials to finished block product. Besides, we analyze the data of cost and profit for him and compare Turkish and others Chinese block machines. finally, Mr. Mohammed made a wise decision & chose our high quality and advanced QT6 block machine.

2_QGM QT6 Block Making Machine in Juba

2 QGM QT6 Block Making Machine in Juba

After placed an order, we update the manufacture process for him week by week & deliver the block molding machine to Mohammed on schedule, and then dispatch engineer to install, commission machine, and train operators. In addition, we have an experienced local engineer in Juba who can help customers solve after-sales problems in real time.

3_Our Local experienced Engineer

3 QGM local experienced Engineer

4_QGM ZENITH Professional Engineer for block machine

4 QGM ZENITH Professional Engineer for block machine

For now, Mr. Mohammed’s block machine is completed, and his factory started production. He admired the quality of block made by QGM QT6 concrete block making machine. In general, the price of 1 piece of 400x200x200mm hollow block in Juba is 1USD. Although Mohammed sold 1.2USD per block, His blocks are still sold out quickly.

5_Solid blocks made by QGM QT6 Block Making Machine

5 Solid block made by QGM QT6 block machine

6_Hollow blocks made by QGM QT6 Block Machine

6 Hollow block made by QGM QT6 block machine

All in all, with over 60 years’ experience in concrete block industry, QGM ZENITH can provide you the integrated solution for your concrete block making project. Looking forward to your cooperation.

Post time: Aug-15-2022