The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a country in central Africa, political instability, conflict and poverty have been among the main challenges facing the country. Despite its rich natural resources, Congo’s economy has been plagued by war, corruption and inadequate infrastructure. Congo still faces extreme poverty. Kinshasa is the political, cultural and economic center of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although the city faces the challenges of poverty and inadequate infrastructure, it remains one of the largest cities in the country. 


(1 Aerial View of Kinshasa)

As an integrated solution supplier for block machines, QGM help our client prepare everything, from raw materials to finished block products. Besides, we analyze the data of cost and profit for client. In the past 40 years, QGM ZENITH supplied hundreds of block machines to Africa for supporting the local construction. There are some of our block machine production lines working in Congo, such as Kinshasa, and Lubumbashi. We had 2 sets of QT6 block machine production lines sent to Congo in 2022.

1.Batcher and Mixer for Main Material


(2 Mixer and Batcher with 2 Bins)

(a) Batcher

图片3(1)   图片4(1)    图片5(1)

(3 Components of Batcher)

1. Vibrator: every hopper is equipped with vibrator to prevent raw material from sticking on the surface of hopper;
2.Pneumatic System: discharging gate driven by AIR TAC pneumatic system from Taiwan has advantages of low failure ratio and environmental protection compared to hydraulic driving;
3.Electric Weighing Sensor for high batching accuracy.


(4 Inside the Mixer)

1. Twin-shaft compulsory mixing system, high mixing efficiency and uniformity. Mixing blades and lining board inside the mixing tank are all made of chromium and manganese alloy, great hardness, wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, good durability;
2. Self-Lubricating System helps machine to realize better performance.

2. QT6 Concrete Block Machine and Stacker


(5 Stacker and QGM QT6 Concrete Block Machine)

(a) QT6 Concrete Block Machine

QT6-15 (6 stands for the production quantity is 6 blocks “400x200x200mm” per mold) has the production output of 6,600-8,400 blocks (400x200x200mm) or 120-160 cubic meters for one day (8 working hours). As the molds are changeable, it’s able to produce different types of blocks/bricks.

1.SIEMENS Motors with great performance for high vibration force;

2. Adopt Frequency Conversion Technology from Germany to guarantee stable performance for wet block conveyor and protect electrical motor from unsteady power. It can save 20-40% power by adjusting the frequency converter, compared to traditional motor.

(b) Stacker


(6 Stacker)

Frequency Conversion Technology can better help to decrease the wet block broken ratio.

3. Finished Product

The components and supporting equipment of the QT6 block machine automatic production line is independently developed and standardized by QGM. This block machine has a strong economy and practicability. It can use for sand, stone powder and construction waste as raw materials, and can batch produce pavement blocks, hollow blocks and blocks for municipal engineering and construction engineering of various specifications.




图片13(1)(7Pavement blocks of different shapes made by QGM QT6 Concrete Block Machine)


图片15(1) 图片17(1)


(8 Interlock of different shapes made by QGM QT6 Concrete Block Machine)


(9 Hollow blocks made by QGM QT6 Concrete Block Machine)












(b) Mixer


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