QT10 Automatic Block Maker Machine

QT10 is an economical equipment which is developed and produced by QGM independently, which can meet the diversified production needs of small enterprises and is cost-effective. It can produce various blocks, such as exterior wall blocks, interior wall blocks, flower wall blocks, floor slabs, river protection blocks, interlocks and curbstones. The facemix device can be chose for the production of colorful paver.

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Main Technology Features

1. Adopts the most advanced frequency conversional control system from German SIEMENS, plus with the Siemens Touch Screen

A.  Visualization screen with easy operation;
B.  Able to set up, update and amend the production perimeters, to maximize the production output;
C.  Dynamic display of the system’s status, automatic troubleshooting, and warning notice;
D.  Automatic locking can prevent the production line from mechanical accidents caused by operation mistakes;
E.  Troubleshooting via the teleservice.


2. Hydraulic pumps and valves from international brands are used.

High dynamic proportional valves and a constant output pump are adopted, so as to have a precise adjustment to the oil flow and pressure, which can provide the client with a stronger quality block, more efficient and energy-saving production.


3. Multi-shaft rotating in 360°and compulsory feeding design are used, greatly improving the density and intensity for the blocks while shortening the time for material feeding.


4. Integrated design on the vibration table not only can reduce the machine weight but also it can improve the vibration efficiently.


5. By adopting the double-line aero vibration-proof system, it can reduce the vibrating force on the mechanical parts, prolonging the machine's lifetime and reducing the noise.
6. High-precision guide bearings
are used to assure the precise movement between the tamper head and the mold;
7. High-intensity steel and heat treatment are used for the machine frames,  
which allows the machine to have a better performance on wear-resistant.


Technical Data

Moulding Cycle 15~30s
Vibration Force 100KN
Motor Frequency 50-60HZ
Total Power 52KW
Total Weight 7.5T
Machine Size 8,100*4,450*3,000 mm (without face device)
9,600*4,450*3,000mm (with face device)

Production Capacity

Block Type Dimension (mm) Pictures Qty/Cycle Production Capacity
(Per 8hs)
Hollow Block 400*200*200
10 11,000-14,000
Rectangular Paver 200*100*60
35 38,500-49,000
Paver 225*112.5*60
27 29,700-37,800
Curstone 500*150*300
4 4,400-5,600

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