Zenith 1500 Single Pallet Block Making Machine

The newly designed high-performance single pallet machine ZENITH 1500-2 forms the centerpiece of a state-of-the-art and efficiently working concrete block production. In addition to a high quality and productivity, our engineers put special focus on guaranteeing a low-maintenance and trouble-free production process. The use of screw fittings allows easy exchange of all wear parts within shortest time. An automatic quick change system for moulds, various Colormix equipment and other special equipment as well as tamper head cleaning devices complete our delivery program.

Moreover, the plant is equipped with a revolutionary control and diagnostic system which supports the machine operator during his work and therefore always guarantees an efficient production.

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Main Technology Features

(1) The high quality servo compaction system named Ultra-Dynamic stands for a very high compaction and extreme dynamics. It therefore guarantees a quick and efficient production of top-quality products. Especially for products with a large volume and also for premium products, which are produced with pre- and intermediate vibration, this vibration system provides many advantages. The system works without an oil bath supporting an eco-friendly and low-maintenance production.


(2) The use of screw fittings for the vibration table, the motor cross beam and the frame side parts is a special feature of this machine. It is unique on the market as it can adapt to customer’s production conditions. The screwed construction also provides for resistant connections and an excellent stability.

(3) The pneumatic mould clamping device provides for an easy mould change. The mould is positioned without further fastenings - e.g. bolts - on the mould holder. It is fixed by the pneumatically operated clamping levers. Optimal vibration results and a longer mould life time are achieved thanks to the individual adjustments of pre- and main vibration. The mould clamping device can now be adapted to mould fastening systems of other machine and mould manufacturers.


(4) A new traverse has been developed for the machine ZENITH 1500-2 which allows to remove the columns individually from the side. This new feature saves a lot of time during maintenance work and the exchange can be carried out much more safely and with less effort. The entire geometry of this assembly including columns is identical to previous machine ZENITH 1500. It is possible to retrofit this new traverse on existing machines.


(5) The self-explanatory and intuitionally visualization concept guarantees for an easy learning of the machine operation. A new diagnostic design supports the operators in choosing the best adjustments. Time-consuming trouble shooting is no longer necessary and production downtimes are reduced to a minimum. By using the latest database technology, all information can be recorded, evaluated and stored. This data is available anywhere thanks to the complete plant networking.

Technical Data

The basic configuration of zenith 1500 single block making machine
Max.board size 1,400 mm x 1,200 mm x14 mm
Moulding area According to the layout drawing of the mould
Product size 50 mm - 500 mm
Technical parameters of automatic son car
Max. load capacity 15kg
Max. load capacity per insertion rack As design
Max.load capacity every two layers of insertion rack As design
Inside width of support bracket 1,060mm
Layers of insertion rack Designed as the scheme
Distance of insertion rack As design
Mother car driving power SEW 11KW
Product height
Max. height 500mm
Min. height 30mm
Stacking height
Max. Stacking height (including the pallet) 1,800mm
Max. Production area (under the production of standard size) 1,350*1,050mm
Pallet size (standard) 1,400*1,100mm
Steel plate thickness 14mm
Base material silo volume
Excluding pigments silo 1,500L
Machine height
Excluding pigments device 35T
Pallet conveyor 1.6T
Hydraulic device 3.2T
Machine size
Max. total length 8,250mm
Max. total height 4,650mm
Max. total width 3,150mm
Machine technical parameters/ energy consumption
Vibration system Servo vibration system
Vibration table Maximum: 175KN, 60HZ
Top vibration Maximum: 32KN
Hydraulic pressure
Total flow 540L/ min
Operating pressure 180 bar
Max. power 140 KW
Control system Siemens S7-1500, touch screen console

Production Capacity

Block Type





Cycle Time

Production Capacity

(Per 8hs)

Hollow Block





28,800 pcs

Rectangular Paver






Rectangular Paver

(without facemix)











8,640 pcs


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