Quangong Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 7th Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Surrounding Areas Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization High Level Forum


       Recently, in order to promote the green, low-carbon and circular development of industry, and promote the synergistic effect of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, the 7th Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization High Level Forum was grandly held in Beijing. 图片2

       This forum focuses on typical bulk solid waste in industrial clusters such as metal mines, coal mines, steel, coal-fired power, chemical industry, and construction waste. Starting from the actual needs of local management departments, waste production enterprises, comprehensive utilization enterprises, and industry investment enterprises, we will build cooperation platforms in technology, equipment, policy interpretation, overall solutions, project investment, etc. with scientific research institutions, experts and scholars, technology-based enterprises, equipment enterprises, and other units to assist in the construction and development of regional “waste free cities”, promote the industrialization and landing of resource comprehensive utilization projects, and the formation of new business models and patterns. 图片3

       As a leading enterprise in the domestic brick machine industry, Fu Guohua, Deputy General Manager of Quangong Group, presented a keynote report on “Key Technologies for Green and Intelligent Solid Waste Brickmaking“. The report pointed out that under the background of dual carbon, new development forms also put forward new requirements for the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste. The comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste has a significant synergistic effect on saving and replacing primary resources, effectively reducing carbon emissions, and is one of the important ways to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

       We have elaborated in depth on our company’s over 40 years of experience in solid waste brick production, combined with the future development trend of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization. Starting from improving product added value, we comprehensively utilize raw materials such as construction waste, industrial solid waste, and tailings solid waste to produce fully automated and intelligent products such as permeable bricks, curbstones, imitation stone PC bricks, blocks, and other products. We help customer enterprises solve the reality of solid waste storage, occupying a large amount of storage space, and environmental pollution and disorder. With the successful model case of solid waste “turning waste into treasure” and truly achieving high-quality and high-value comprehensive utilization, we provide different “spring work solutions” for attendees in the comprehensive utilization of solid waste.


       At the 2024 National Bulk Solid Waste Resource Utilization Technology/Equipment Exhibition held at the same time, Quangong Group’s ZN1500-2C fully automatic ecological concrete block forming machine production line was highly favored.


       This production line is based on German production technology and process, and has undergone innovation, research and development. Compared with other domestic brand block forming machines, the product has smoother motion performance, higher brick making efficiency, and lower failure rate. In terms of performance, efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, etc., it is far ahead of similar domestic products.


In the future, Quangong Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of green development, continuously innovate independently, forge ahead, further strengthen research and exploration in solid waste comprehensive utilization technology, provide more advanced and practical products for customers, and contribute “Quangong Power” to society.

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Post time: Apr-02-2024